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A look behind the Curtain at intelligent Integration Technologies

We Are ONE

Our vision, values and mission are the glue that make us who we are and separates us from the pack. We act as one to ensure that we “make IT effortless” for your team

A lifetime of learning

In 2018 we founded iIT with a vision of creating a data integration platform that was sorely needed in industry. As with all things in business, change happens fast and we are no exception. The likes of Zapier and Boomi hit the market before we finalized our product. Mark that one up as a lesson learned.

Now to understand the geeks behind the scenes you have to understand what geek means. We will leave it to you to look up the less desirable history of the term geek and nerd on Britannica.com (which we encourage as you’ll likely be surprised). The key though, as they state, “Both are now considered far more desirable for their expertise and enthusiasm for even esoteric topics than in the past”.

We are technology and business adepts that have a genuine passion to bring our lifelong learning and experience to fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses

Pete Frasco

CEO | Lead Geek

We act with Integrity

We strive for honesty and transparency in all we do and demonstrate moral character in all our interactions with our team, partners, and the community at large

Candor in communication

We maintain a reputation as a team that provides sage and respectful but frank communications with our partners, each other, and the community

Equity in all we do

Strive to create an environment where all actions are taken based on a fair, just, and right process that places concern for our team, our partners, and the community above all else

Be Adaptive

We work hard to consistently provide value in dynamic and often austere cyber environments by employing a lifelong learner and experiential training mindset for all of our team. We continuously evaluate new technologies and implement those that keep our services on the cutting edge for our clients.

We are intuitive

We strive to create an environment that encourages an innate ability to act quickly in ambiguous and high pressure situations that require rapid, innovative, and accurate decisions

We are responsive

We strive to be the 10th person in the room who can understand changing circumstances and communicate quickly and empathetically to leverage IT to adapt to the ever evolving changes in the world

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Love what we do

We strive to be the go to partner for the businesses who previously did not have the resources to truly take full advantage of automation that directly enhances their operations through IT and cybersecurity while providing an opportunity for technology adepts in the workforce.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Pete Frasco

CEO | Lead Geek | Serial Entrepreneur

Josh Gillen

COO | Problem Solver | True Crime Junkie

Jason Dunn-Potter

vCISO | Team Builder | Trekkie

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Let's make IT effortless

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